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From Data to Insights

Course provides managers and leaders an understanding of how analytics can help improve their decision-making process. This program will help you look at data and identify insights, improve your ability to make predictions for the long term, and prescribe future actions that help make better business decisions.

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7 hours from 10:00AM to 17:00AM

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WIUT launches an executive course for professionals of the finance industry wishing to gain deeper knowledge in foreign exchange market and its associated risks and master skills of practical management of currency instruments in one of the most powerful financial terminals of the industry - Bloomberg.

What is Bloomberg?

Bloomberg is one of the leading providers of financial information and data for professional participants in financial markets. The Bloomberg Terminal puts the industry’s most powerful suite of global, multi-asset portfolio and risk analysis tools at your fingertips. More than three decades on, the Bloomberg Terminal remains at the cutting edge of innovation, delivering fast access to indispensable news, data and trading tools. Now Bloomberg terminal is available at WIUT’s specialized laboratory equipped with 12 Bloomberg Terminals, through which users are able to access current and historical stock prices, currency exchange rates and quotes on world exchanges and many over-the-counter markets.

Your Learning Experience:

This course is further developed from previously settled course “Currency Trading Basics - Using Bloomberg Terminals (make it a button) and covers a wider range of financial analysis and risks. Basically the course covers:

  • Features, mechanisms, theories, and participants in the foreign exchange market. Fundamental analysis of currencies and major factors (and market participants) affecting exchange rates.
  • Review and analysis of foreign exchange market instruments: forward contracts, swaps, options and futures. Principles of foreign exchange risk management.

Meet the Instructor

Yunusov Kobiljon - a senior lecturer in financial subjects at WIUT with 8 years of combined experience working in the commercial bank Barclays Bank Plc (London, UK), consulting activities in the field of project finance (London, UK) and professional courses and consulting activities for financial organizations in Uzbekistan.

Who is this program for?

The course is suitable for 

  • beginners in the foreign exchange market (FXmarket),
  • employees of commercial banks conducting currency transactions,
  • representatives of commercial enterprises regularly engaged in currency transactions (and exposed to currency risk).

Language of Instruction: Russian and Uzbek

Duration: 2 days

Hours: 16 hours (with coffee-breaks)

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