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WIUT has worked with organisations from all sectors as a part of the staff development programs, delivering master classes and certificate programs. We can offer a range of training courses to suit the needs of a particular organisation or partnership, and work closely with organisations to develop a programme which will be highly effective and applicable to the context in which the participants are working in. Depending on the needs and wishes of an organisation, WIUT can deliver existing training courses or develop further courses which tailor the content specifically to the organisation being trained. Some examples of courses which can be delivered could be found here.
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Our Projects

Participate in the CERGE-EI Foundation Distance Learning Program 2021 (1 November - 24 December, 2021)

Don’t miss your chance to be certified by one of the top economics institutions for FREE! Centre for Professional and Lifelong Education under WIUT in cooperation with the CERGE-EI Foundation, invites all bachelor and master level students, faculty members, applied researchers, and other interested individuals to participate in a live-streamed economics courses starting in November 2021. The course will introduce students to the economic functioning of centrally planned economies and the reasons behind their collapse. It will cover the main challenges the countries faced when transforming to market economies and analyze policies that were available and applied through the transition, such as privatization, macrostabilization, approaches to sectoral reallocation and similar. We will explore the advantages and disadvantages of the policies and assess how well they fitted the specific conditions of various countries. We will evaluate to what extent the transition was successful in achieving its goal to establish market economies and to what extent it is still a work in progress.

Business Training for Women Entrepreneurs (7-18 June, 2021)

Between the 7th to 18th June, 2021 the Centre for Professional and Lifelong Education at Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) organised a course entitled “Business Training for Women Entrepreneurs” in cooperation with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and the Association of Women Entrepreneurs. During this period, 100 women entrepreneurs from all regions of Uzbekistan attended the course and acquired useful skills, competencies and knowledge in the field of business.

Professional Development Training for Teachers in Uzbekistan
(2 June, 2021)

The Centre for Professional and Lifelong Education (CPLE) of Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) has successfully completed a professional development course “Learner-Centered Education” for Muhammad Al-Kwarizmi Specialised ICT School’s teachers. The awards ceremony was organised by CPLE with the presence of the First Deputy Rector on Academic Affairs, Dr. Michael Clarke and Head of the Department of Global Education, Khikmatullo Urazbaev.

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