WIUT for KIDS is an exciting opportunity for children and teenagers to spend two weeks on the beautiful Campus of the Westminster International University in Tashkent, in the heart of the city, learning English, studying Math, getting involved in computing courses and engaging in sport and other fun activities.

The WIUT for KIDS programme is innovative and was designed by WIUT’s academic team. It will be delivered by talented WIUT students at Years 3 and 4 of their university studies. Through this initiative, WIUT offers its students the opportunity to gain experience during the summer break.  

WIUT for KIDS is open to students who will attend Grades 5-9 in 2022-2023.

WIUT for KIDS will run in two periods:
• 13 June – 24 June
• 27 June – 8 July

Participants will be considered accepted only upon receiving confirmation through means of communication.
To consider your registration complete, you need to make a full prepayment of the contract.
Academic Programmes
Creative and interactive educational activities aimed at developing participants' knowledge in English, Math and Computing. 
Sport Activities
Various sport activities and competitions in our state-of-the-art Sports Hall.
Field Trips
Getting to know landmarks and places of interest in the beautiful city of Tashkent.
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