Inclusive Education, Authentic Assessment and Applied Research in the time of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 

Call for Proposals

The Centre for Professional and Lifelong Education (CPLE) and the Graduate School are pleased to announce the annual Teaching, Learning and Research Symposium 2023. This year’s symposium invites the WIUT community to share inclusive teaching practices and showcase best practices for authentic assessment and doing research. Submissions are welcome from WIUT faculty members interested in presenting to their peers – in their own or multidisciplinary disciplines with a focus on teaching, learning and research in higher education. The symposium accepts original proposals on the following topics (but not limited to):


• Inclusive education in practice

• Sustainable skills for learning

• Differentiation of teaching lessons and materials

• Assistive technologies and machine learning

• Authentic assessment and artificial intelligence

• Authentic assessment in online learning

• Best practices of using AI tools to complement high quality research and credibility


Key details:

Date: May 31st, 2023

Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Venue (offline): TBC*

Meals will be provided

Format: 10 minutes presentation + 3 minutes for Q&A

Proposal submission:

To propose a presentation for this year’s Teaching, Learning & Research Symposium, please submit an abstract proposal (400 words maximum). Your proposal must address all of the following questions*:

  1. Relevance: Indicate how your proposal explores this year’s theme by choosing a sub-topic.
  2. Topic: What will you be sharing? (e.g. a specific approach, classroom activity, assignment, course design, or assessment method)
  3. Context: What are the relevant characteristics of your setting: course, type of students, instructional issue, etc.?
  4. Results: What did you learn by approaching instruction in this way? What makes it transformative for students, the field, you as an instructor, or teaching in general?
  5. Application: What can instructors in other disciplines learn from this project and how can they apply it in different contexts?


*proposals on research practices need to consider Relevance, Topic, Results, Application in the Context of doing research.

Successful proposals will:

  • Address all the criteria questions for the category
  • Be in paragraph/abstract form (i.e., free of numbered lists and subheaders)
  • Clearly communicate your work to readers from other disciplines
  • Explain applications/implications of your work for teaching, learning and research in higher education 

To participate in the 2023 TLRS, please fill in the information by following this link:


The deadline to submit your proposals is April 15, 2023. If you have questions, please contact CPLE cple@wiut.uz with the subject line “Query 2023 TLRS”.

Proposal acceptance communication will be sent out on May 1.