10:00 Welcome Speech – Rector, Bakhrom Mirkasimov
10:05 Guidelines for the Symposium – Deputy Rector, Michael Clarke (5 minutes)
10:10 What is Advance HE? – Digital Learning Coordinator, Diana Akhmedjanova (15 minutes)
10:30 Presentation 1: Pandemic and its Impact on Teaching & Learning: A Bibliometric Study Since 2002-2021 – Dr. Anil Kumar; Marketing & Management
10:45 Presentation 2: Flipping Online Classroom through Video Lectures and Online Materials: A Case Study from WIUT Management Accounting Module – Feruza Yodgorova, Finance
11:00 Presentation 3: New Online Assessment Approach to Tackle Free-Riding Problem – Gulhayo Nusratova, Finance
11:15 Presentation 4: From Face-To-Face to Online: Student Achievement Comparison – Gayrat Suyunov, Gulnaz Bektemirova, & Shahzaib Ahmed Khan; Economics, Marketing & Management, & Global Education
11:30 Coffee break
11:45 Presentation 5: What is to be Done to Live a Good Life with COVID-19 - Application of Suggested New Learning and Teaching Model of “Edutech with Thinking and Praxis” – Sung-Jae Sin, Marketing & Management
12:00 Presentation 6: Take-Home Exam and Plagiarism: Can One Exist Without the Other? – Javlon Juraev, Economics
12:15 Presentation 7: Rethinking, Reshaping and Reflecting on Student Engagement in Emergency Remote Teaching – Erkin Mukhammedov, Global Education
12:30 Presentation 8: Mental Health Affecting Student Performance – Dr. Davron Abdigapparov, Law
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Presentation 9: Teaching Students at Westminster International University in Tashkent to Think Reflectively during Online Classes – Dildora Toshpulatova and Aisulu Kenjimuratova, Global Education
14:15 Presentation 10: Virtual Teaching: A Challenge for 21st Century Teachers in Keeping Doors of Learning Open for Students During & Post Pandemic Era – Dr. Gunjan Jain, Global Education
14:30 Presentation 11: Gaining Skills and Experience in Online Mode IT Subject – Olga Yugay, Computing
14:45 Presentation 12: Science Fair: How to Adapt Deep Approach to Learning via Project-Based Learning – Rano Khamraeva & Indira Khadjieva; Pre-university Studies
15:00 Presentation 13: Enhancing Students' Reflective Writing Skill at Pre-University Level by Employing Substantial Learning Diaries in Teaching – Rano Rozikova & Sayyora Nurmatova, Pre-university Studies
15:15 Presentation 14: Varying Assessment Incentivizing Active Performance and Offering Greater Choice for Learners of Varying Learning Styles – Akbar Ismanjanov, Law
15:30 Presentation 15: Transferring Online Teaching Skills to Traditional Classrooms – Sherzod Khaydarov, Global Education
15:55 Coffee break
17:10 Announcement of Winners and Concluding Remarks